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Contact Lenses

at a wink and a smile, we pride ourselves on our contact lens specialist’s ability to guide our patients to the right contact lens.  

Today there are more convenient and healthy contact lens choices than ever before. Whatever your vision challenge, it can probably be met with an array of specialty contact lenses for individual vision needs. 

At a wink and a smile, we can take the confusion out of which lenses are right for you.
Multi-focal, toric, dailies, monthly lenses, colors, and RGPs.  Let us help you to find the right type of lens for you.

  • Bifocal and Multi focal Contact lenses -  If you dislike bifocal eyeglasses, you have many contact lens options. 
  • Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism - Contact lenses for patient with astigmatism. 
  • Daily Disposable Lenses - Most popular type of lenses in our office.  Find out why patients who try these never want to go back,

"It is always a pleasure to visit your office. Everyone remembers you and the personal touch means that you are not just a patient, you are a valued individual."

∼ Deborah M.

"Each experience with a wink & a smile is excellent. From scheduling to the wrap up after a procedure, everyone is highly professional, pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. Everyone takes the time to answer my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. The clinical team is top notch as well, answering all my questions from the simple cleaning to more complex and anxiety-ridden procedures. Highly recommended!"

∼ Erica E.

"Our family has been patients at a wink & a smile for many years and every visit has been pleasurable and professional. The entire care team and front office staff are first rate with wonderful disposition and a genuine interest in your best health. Dr. Lee is a terrific dentist and does exemplary dental work when needed. This is a phenomenal practice for any family to join."

∼ Paul C.